Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update from Guangzhou

On Saturday all of the other families came to Guangzhou it was exciting to see all of the other families with their kids it has been amazing to see how the lord is at work in each of their families helping the children make the transitions. Their are 9 families here in Guangzhou. We have developed some wonderful friendships and it has been such a blessing to be able to share our adoption journey.

Sunday morning we went Shamain Island to go shopping in the afternoon was our paper party or more appropriatly our paper panic.

On Monday we went back to Shamain Island to gets kids physicals and visa pictures. Then we had more time for shopping.

Jennifer is bonding very well with us and is showing more and more of her personality. She is very outgoing and she memics her daddy. She is picking up english and is a smart little girl. She can say I love you, thank you, hello, momma and pappa, night/night and counts to 5.

This will be our last update until Hong Kong. Enjoy the pictures!!

View of the Asian International Hotel

Jennifer makes a face

The Pool

Lobby of the Asian International Hotel

Gardens in Guangzhou


The business district of Guangzhou

Going Italian with the families

Peek A Boo

Morning Exercise

Jennifer with her light up ball

Having a break during the physical

Jennifer preparing for her physical

White Swan Hotel

Our breakfast view from the 45th floor of the revolving restaurant in the Asian International Hotel